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There comes a time in every blogger’s life when he or she needs to sit down and explain just what possessed them to get into this business in the first place. This usually comes at the beginning of the process and far be it from me to break from tradition.

I had toyed with the idea of starting a blog for a number of months, but every time the thought arose, it came with a new personal interest. At first, it was anime – I had just become the president of my college’s anime club, after all. Then, it was creative writing and literature, spawned from the fact I was studying them as my dual majors. Finally, it was video games – one of the major ways I spend my free time.

I went around in circles choosing one over the others, then abandoning it in favor of the topic of the hour. Or rather, I did until I realized one very simple fact: I could write a blog about all three.

I know, Kyon: I really should have figured that out sooner.

They’re similar enough to be part of a cohesive whole (a blog about entertainment), but they’re also unique enough to keep things from getting boring. I can jump from a written medium to a visual one, and from that visual medium to an interactive alternative. I can keep my own attention engaged as well as that of my readers – well, I hope, anyway!

So my plan is this: to bring to your awareness, readers, the anime series, books, and video games which capture my fancy and strike a chord within me, as well as those that fall a little short of expectations. Scholarly discussions of themes and characters, light-hearted exultations of the things I love, product reviews: all of these are very much on the table.

So why call myself the “Armchair Madcap”? Because, as with armchair quarterbacks and armchair generals, I’m living vicariously through the entertainments in which I partake. In this way, I’ve become a bit of an entertainment madcap – an adventurer marked by her impulsiveness, enjoying things as they come along!

So, happy reading, ladies and gentlemen! Please enjoy the ride!



The Armchair Madcap

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