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Winter 2013 Season Preview Part 4: Rapid-Fire Round!

JWatch2Finally, we’re at the end of this season’s new anime offerings! (Find Part 1 [here], Part 2 [in this direction], and Part 3 [over yonder].) Why are there four parts this time when there are normally only three? Because I usually skip over shows whose episodes are only three minutes long, that’s why! But whether there are just more three-minuters this time around, or just more getting picked up for simulcast, I felt a little guilty leaving out six whole shows from my season preview. So, I’m switching things up and shoving these short goodies into their own post. I’m not bothering with full reviews, just single-sentence summaries and knee-jerk reactions. Cast the haste spell to keep up and let’s get started with:

Boku no Imouto wa Osaka-Chan


Plot: Long-lost sister and brother are reunited, discuss the names of things instead of trying to bang one another.

Verdict: Cheap, ugly animation (but at least it’s got none of that incest-fetishism going on). Pass.



Plot: Four clueless girls miraculously start a manga magazine – none are transvestites.

Verdict: Beats out Tiger and Bunny for the most misleading anime title; beats nothing in terms of originality and quality. Pass.



Plot: Four clueless girls in a manga club talk about STDs and nipple-sucking comedians.

Verdict: Best part was the retro-videogaming end sequence. Pass.

Ishida & Asakura


Plot: Everybody wants to get with Asakura; buck-toothed nerd is murdered by pencil.

Verdict: Reminded me of Cromartie High School in art style, which reminded me how not funny Ishida & Asakura is. Pass.

Encouragement of Climb


Plot: Cute girls vow to climb cute mountains; nobody cares.

Verdict: … Pass.



Plot: (Probable) descendant of a great hero sets forth on a grand journey, is a total noob.

Verdict: Surprisingly funny parody of old-school J-RPGs. Victory (by default)!

And thus, I reminded myself why I usually skip these shows… (I did, however, enjoy this little experiment. Perhaps I shall adopt this method for future three-minuters… What do you think?)

So, that’s it then, the end of Winter 2013. There were some bad shows, there were some good shows, but mostly there were a bunch of okay shows that didn’t really shatter the mold. Kotoura-San, Tamako Market, and Maoyu win top honors, whereas Senran Kagura and Amnesia sit squarely in the losers circle.

Nonetheless, here’s to the start of another great year here at the Armchair Madcap!

See you at the end of the month!

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